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This is Lake Tahoe, I live approximately 20 miles east of this beautiful natural wonder in Northern Nevada. I live here with my family: soon to be husband, son and disabled brother. I’m in my forties now, and have spent most of my life caring for my family and the needs of others. I have always enjoyed writing, ever since I was a young child. Now that I’ve gotten older, I have decided it was time to try to make my dream of completing and publishing my writing a reality.

I like concepts that push the envelope, not much a romance writer and definitely like making myself think as well as provoke thought in others. What I hope to accomplish with my blog is creating a space where I can share my journey with others and perhaps, they may be able to learn, understand or just take something away with them from the experience. I will also use it as a platform to promote my current work, share excerpts of up and coming works or get feedback from all of you.

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Leave a message on a blog or E-mail: sastevens72@ymail.com


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