Interview with a Reader #3


Interview with a Reader is a segment where I interview a reader who has graciously allowed me to post their responses in my blog. It is my hope and intent to use this segment to gather information on what people are reading, the type of books that interest them as well as what they find appealing and not so appealing in books.

Interview with a Reader #3

Patrick – Nevada, USA

1. How often do you read and how long does it take you to get through a book?

I read just about every night. Depending on the book, I can finish it in one night but usually not more than three days.

2. What type (genre) of books to you enjoy most?

Military/war themed and medieval/fantasy style.

3. What characteristics of a book do you find most appealing?

What I look for most is good dialogue. I like there to be action in my books and good characters.

4. What characteristics of a book do you find most unappealing?

Descriptions that are too long. If it takes three pages to describe a door knob, I kind of lose interest.

5. Which book could you read over and over again? Why?

 I don’t have a favorite go to book, but if I enjoy a book I’ll read it again if I have nothing new to read.

Thank you Patrick, for taking the time to answer my questions. It is appreciated! I am always looking for new readers to interview. If you are interested, have an extra ten minutes to answer five questions, I want to talk to you. Email me at



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