What is happening to words?

I know this post may seem a bit odd, perhaps off topic, maybe even a little angry, but I find myself compelled to write a post about the mutilation of words. I frequently haunt many different social media, book sites, and online digests with the hopes of expanding my web presence. I enjoy reading threads and comments on books, especially from readers, however lately I find myself unable to stomach the way words are butchered. I just don’t understand why they have to be. I fear that eventually we won’t understand our own language anymore. Here are a few examples from a couple different places (I won’t name them to protect the innocent) that I have found particularly irksome.

Ship – so, what does this word mean to you when you see it? I know when I see the word ship, I think of either a large boat that sails on the water or to ship as in a product that needs to be sent somewhere. To my surprise, I discover that isn’t what it means. It is the chopped up version of RELATIONship or coupling. Why can we no longer use the proper word? It’s only three more syllables.

Percabeth – Okay, so this is just an example, but the marrying of two names in to one signifying a couple. I know this became a hip thing with Bennifer (Ben and Jennifer) but it’s hugely annoying and I truly wish I could throttle the person who started it. They are two INDIVIDUAL people who happen to be in a relationship (oh, I’m sorry a ship), not one person. (By the way, Percabeth is the coupling of Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson books – yes, it’s being done with literary couples now.)

Text talk – OMG! I know you know what I’m talking about. I hear this now in every day conversations. TMI, yes. I just imagine people from 100 years in the future reading transcripts of messages or even our books and wondering, what language is this? Or will our language have degraded so far that it will be considered the Old Language. WTF to that!

I love words, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be a writer. I love the way they can be strung together and turn into a sentence. I love how those sentences can be pulled together and turned into a story that can make you cry as easily as a beautiful piece of music. I hate seeing language dumbed down (yes, dumbed isn’t even a proper word but it’s been accepted as one) and I think by accepting it we cheapen the base of our means to communicate.


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