Time to write…in the beginning, there were words

Since I pledged to talk more about my journey as a new author as the blog is so aptly named, I decided to write about time. It’s a complaint I’ve heard from so many struggling writers; from those of us who are not making a living off our writing yet. There are 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, however so many of us talk about finding time to write.

We do have to sleep, preferably more than a couple of hours a day, and we have to eat. Although, if you are a writer like me you’ve skipped your share of meals or ate them by the light of your computers monitor. If you have families, they expect to see you every now and then too. Because we are still struggling writers, we often have jobs as well which will consume four to eight hours of our waking day. Many demands on our time. So, when do you write?

In the beginning, I had to steal time. A couple of hours at night, a few hours on the weekends, and schedule the time around the other demands. It was easy to get discouraged with writing but I had to write, it’s what I believe I was truly meant to do. Progress was slow; it took me months to finish a few chapters and it showed in the beginning chapters of my first book. I made more mistakes, had to make more corrections and found the work disjointed.

It was a lot easier when I had the fortunate misfortune of becoming unemployed. I had 40 extra hours a week to work my writing into but it wasn’t doing much for my pocketbook. Time management is the key, at least, it was for me. There is time but you have to stay dedicated to doing it. We are human, and it’s easy to let the demands of life get in the way but when you know that writing is all you want to do, need to do, you will find a way.


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