“Good Night Sun, Hello Sister Moon” a short story and lullaby for the young and old

I don’t often share my short stories, but here is one I would like to. Feedback welcome.

One night, a night like any other, the moon began to rise in the sky through the purple and orange hues left behind by the Sun. The Sun said good night to the people she loved. She had provided her light, energy, and love to them all allowing them to get about their day. As the Sun gave way and the skies darkened, giving her final kisses to the world, the moon took her place.

 The moon shined brightly and laid out her blanket of stars to cover the Earth for its night of rest, reflection, and slumber. For those whose time it was to wake, would talk to her and thank her for her light.  Those people said goodnight to the Sun and hello to sister Moon.

This made her immensely happy.

 However, some were rising when it was not their time to rise and this worried the moon. They should be sleeping peacefully in their cocoons under her watchful eye.

 From the east, the moon noticed the sun attempting to rise much too soon. “There are people I love calling for me, wishing for the daylight, why sister Moon?” The sun said sleepily, stretching her rays.

The moon looked over the mountains and valleys, distressed with the sleeplessness of the people she too loved. “I do not understand, sister Sun.” She said. “I am here, a beacon of light for them. I have given them my stars; a million stars to represent the millions of angels that are here to look over them and hear their prayers. Why do they call for the day?”

 The sun, not ready to rise, shook her head and yawned. “I have given them a day. A day to take care of their needs, to warm their bodies, to gather strength and energy, how could they be ready for a new one to begin so soon? Their bodies need rest as do I. Do they not understand you are here to comfort them during their nights as I do during their days?”

The moon, thought on this for a moment, for she has watched the people she loved every night of their lives and even though she was much younger than her sister, the Sun, she had actually become quite wise in the ways of humans.

The Moon thought and thought, consulting the wisdom of the stars, for they were older than the Moon and the Sun, they were the energy of the Angels in Heaven. The Sun, almost lost her patience when a thousand beams of light hit the moon as if a thousand bolts of lightning lit her from behind. “They forgot something!” The Moon exclaimed.

So excited by her revelation, the Moon continued. “Either in the day light or in the twilight of evening where both of our lights meet, they have spent so much time running to and fro, soaking up the energy to get life’s tasks done, they have forgotten.”
Sleepily, the sun asks “forgotten what?”

“They have forgotten to tell of their day to the angels, to the millions of stars that are here ready to absorb their worries and woes, to celebrate with them their triumphs and wipe away their tears. They have forgotten to leave their day upon their doorstep so my light can shine anew on it. They have held onto the energy, the action of their days and not allowed themselves to truly rest beneath this beautiful blanket of silver light and stars I have created for them.” The moon replied.
The Sun was pleased with the answer of her young sister, for she had truly grown wise in her years watching the people. “Very good sister Moon, My loved ones are in safe under your watchful eye.” 

 The Sun sank back down beneath the mountains to rest as her sister Moon began to sing.

“Sleep my people, sleep. Cast your worries and woes to my angels; there is a light out there just for you. Focus your sorrows and happiness on one of my stars; unload your burden so you may find peace. Find rest beneath my blanket; do not fear the dark for I am here to shine for you. Sleep my people, sleep. Tomorrow the sun will come again and bring you strength renewed, until then let my silvery light bring you peace.”

All work and excerpts shared here are copyrighted and the sole property of the author. This blog may be share with this statement attached. This is a work of fiction by Sherry A. Stevens. Reproduction without this statement is prohibited without prior authorization. For additional information or other works by Sherry A. Stevens, please contact sastevens72@ymail.com. Thank you.



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