Did you choose your story, or did it choose you?

I am still having trouble getting myself to write…anything. However, with that being said, I stare at a blank page as I contemplate the next words I will write for the sequel of my “Project: Youth” trilogy and I wonder, why did I choose this one to write? I also realized, this blog is entitled “A new author’s journey” and I really haven’t talked much about my journey, so this post came to mind and maybe just putting words to a page will help me find that old magic again. So, here it is…the beginning.

Why did I choose the Project: Youth story? Did I choose it or did it choose me? Like wands and wizards (thank you for the use of the analogy Ms. Rawling), I truly believe this one chose me. I had three short stories, each was equally as interesting although vastly different, that would make fine novels.

If you ask the people who have read all three, each have their favorites, and would probably vote that I should have started with my “Arianna” series or my “Three Sisters” novel but the “Project: Youth” is the one I developed. Why is that? The answer is simply, the story came to me fast. The characters developed for me quickly. I could outline from beginning to end of this trilogy with ease and knew exactly where I wanted to go with the story in the end.

I had written, in the beginning, the first three chapters of both the “Arianna” story and “Project: Youth” and it was “Project: Youth” that kept coming. Like your first love, it consumed my thoughts and I felt like I had to write about it. I am sure that I will finish the others when the time is right, but for now this is the story that I need to write.

Yes, I believe the stories choose you sometimes…at least that’s how it started for me.


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