What do you mean my idea isn’t original?

As an author, you want to believe that your story is the greatest. To you it is, you wrote it (okay, typed it in this day and age) with your own hands. The characters you lovingly created, you painstakingly developed your plot and settings, and publish your work. Ta-duh! Throw in a Minion wwhhaatt? Someone leaves feedback and compares your work to that of another.

It’s so hard today with a market so flooded with new books and ideas to have a completely original, never written about, idea. Some where, someone, may have written about a common plot. So, what do you do? Abandon your story? I say…not.

This is where you stick to your story, make it uniquely yours. Even if you discover that other piece of work exists that can be compared to yours, or yours to it, it does not mean it is the same. Keep your characters unique, your plot moving and don’t give up.

Here’s the question though: Do you read the other work? I have mixed feelings about this. You want to know so you don’t inadvertently step on their literary toes but you don’t want to run the risk of getting ideas that without thought make it into your own story. Thoughts?


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