Joining the Kids in Black – Excerpt from Project: Youth Revelations

Excerpt from Chapter 9, Project: Youth – Revelations:

“…You want me to be a part of this Organization? Why?” Chase asked.

“Well,” Captain Gray began, he has had to answer this question many times. “We have been tracking you since the death of your mother. We feel that you have an impressive set of skills and would make a stellar Specialist.”

“You have been tracking me? How?” Chase asked, he couldn’t believe they could have been tracking him.

Captain Gray smiled. “We have ways.” He said. “Every now and then a youth comes to our attention through various avenues and we sort of keep an eye on them, wait for them to show us what they are capable of. You, Mr. Wade, we have actually been trying to recruit for two years.”

Chase whistled at the overwhelming amount information he was trying to process. It was crazy but the idea of being a part of something like this sounded attractive, if it were true. He was still skeptical however he hoped all the Captain was telling him wasn’t just a bunch bull.

The Captain gave Chase a few moments to think on everything he was throwing at him. “So, are you interested?” He asked.

Chase stared at the Captain, chewing on the inside of his cheek, not sure how to answer. “What would being a part of the Organization mean?” He asked.

“It means that you are part of something.” The Captain said, standing up, coming around the desk and sitting on the corner. “Yes, you will have to work and work hard. You will have to be trained and follow your chain of command, but you will be safe and always have a home. You will never have to run again, wonder where your next meal is coming from, or where you’re going to sleep tomorrow.” Gray finished, crossing his arms waiting for Chase’s answer.

He did like the sound of that, but he was never very good at following orders and hated not feeling as if he were free. However the idea of not running anymore and being stable sounded wonderful.”

Available now on Kindle. Project: Youth – Revelations

Sherry A. Stevens



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