That moment when you realize you understand nothing-Excerpt from “Project: Youth – Revelations”

Excerpt from Project: Youth – Revelations. Chapter 2

““Whoa, whoa, wait?” He said. “What’s going on?” He watched as Jade and Gini packed and stowed gear, suiting up like they were about to take on an impossible mission.

Jade looked over at Chase. “None of this can be explained to you.  You have seen and heard too much as it is.”

Chase with eyebrows furrowed. “Who’s Kirstie? Are you part of some secret Organization of mini CIA agents or something?” He asked, starting to catch up with the conversation.

He looked over at Owen who just shook his head. “Too bad, I kind of liked you dude.”

Chase turned his head, “What is that supposed to mean?”

Jade looked up at Kellen. “Let’s see if we can salvage this from being complete FUBAR’d, you know what you have to do.” Kellen just nodded as he let the girls out the door and watched until they disappeared into the night, shutting the door behind them.

Chase started to protest, “Hey are they going to be okay out there? Shouldn’t they have some protection? There can be some real weird people out there at this time of night.”

Kellen just chuckled. “No, I think they will be fine. If anything the weirdos would need protection from Jade.”

Owen pushed a chair over, sensing Chase needed to sit down. “I’m not going to get any answers, am I?” He asked putting his head in his hands, gladly accepting the chair before he fell over. His brain overloaded; it was too much information to process at once.

Sitting down next to him, Kellen put his arm around his shoulder. “I know this a lot to take in and to answer your question, no. The only thing that I can tell you is tomorrow you will probably believe this was all just one wild dream if you remember any of it all.”

“How am I going to possibly forget any of this?” Chase asked, throwing his hands up, motioning to everything around him.

Chase felt a small pin prick in the side of his neck followed but a clicking sound. He heard Owen’s voice, “Sleep. I don’t envy the hangover you will have tomorrow.”

He heard his own voice attempting to respond, to protest, but nothing came out that was understandable, even to himself.  He tried to tell himself to remember this night. He needed to remember this long, long night. Then, as if all the stars collapsed in on themselves, everything just went black.”

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