Who is the green eyed girl? Excerpt from Project Youth Revelations

From Chapter 1, Project Youth: Revelations

He spun around and flip himself over an outstretched arm, gaining the upper hand on his assailant. Much to Chase’s surprise it was a girl, quite a beautiful girl, with dark hair and some of the greenest eyes he’d ever seen.

“Who are you?” He said, pulling her towards him. He shook her slightly and pushed her against the wall, pinning her arms behind her.  “Who are you? Security?” He repeated.

He looked at her from head to toe and smiled a crooked grin “You don’t dress like security.” He leaned against the wall, trying to give her his sexiest smoldering eyes and smile. She tilted her head like a puppy experiencing a new sound for the first time, but Chase didn’t realize he had made a fatal mistake; he had let go of her.

She swung a punch in his direction but he blocked it. Now completely confused, he reached out to grab her by the shoulders. “Whoa, there. No need for such violence.” The girl quickly ducked out of his loose hug, sweeping his legs out from underneath him and sending him to the floor with a thud. She rolled him over in one smooth motion and pinned one of his legs, heel to butt cheek and one arm around his back making it look like a chicken wing. An impressive submission hold worthy of a professional wrestler.

She was strong, strong enough that he was unable break free from her. Reaching into his back pocket, she pulled out both wallets. “Well, look what we have here. Why would a boy like you be carrying two wallets?”

He groaned under the stress of his arm being twisted. “I am not a boy.” He protested. “Damn, you’re a strong little thing.” He said and instantly regretted it when she put more pressure on his bent knee.

“Ouch, okay. Would you believe one of them in my Dad’s?” He said, his face smashed to the floor.

“No, I wouldn’t and please don’t insult my intelligence. That just makes me angry.” She responded, sitting forward a little more on his bent leg.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to make you angry.”  He said into the carpet.

“Sarcasm. I get that.” She nodded. “Let’s see who you are…”

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