Work and Writing-The new author’s struggle

Let’s face it, not many of us are world known authors making a living with our writing. We want to be, because we love what we do and it’s all we want to do. The majority of us do not have agents or publishers (congrats if you do!) but want to be able to write and share our writing with others. So, what does that mean? We are what I call the midnight writers.

I was a writer who worked a full-time job, took care of a house and family, did all the daily things required of a person needing a “day job”. Sound familiar? When do you find time to write? I found myself much of the time staying up late after the house was quiet trying to get a few pages written or spending half a day on the weekend working on a chapter. It’s so easy to get discouraged; feel that you will never finish. To be honest, I think the only way I completed my book in the time I did (which was still over a year) was because I had the misfortune of becoming unemployed. It was a great way to keep my mind off the job offers that weren’t coming in. However, most don’t have that opportunity.

All I can offer, from my experience, is don’t quit writing. Schedule the time to write as you would any other appointment and don’t let other things prevent you from doing it. Of course, if a child breaks an arm or surprise tickets to a football game  come your way by all means reschedule but if you can fit in the time to get a massage, your nails painted, go golfing or hit the batting cages then you can afford a few hours to dedicated to your writing as well. Writing is as much for you as it is to develop something for others to read. It’s your way to escape to another place, be other people, see new places–for a little while at least.

The little fish says keep on swimming…I say keep on writing.


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